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So, a very long time ago (back in 2008) i started my business as a costume designer. I created costumes and dresses for musicians, party girls, prom queens and more up (katy perry most notably) for a decade until my accessories business took off and i no longer had the bandwidth to create both. A couple of weeks ago, i received a phone call from a costume client i used to work with, Miss Amanda Shaw in New Orleans, LA, fiddle lady extraordinaire! She had called a couple times trying to tempt me to create costumes for her and i had said no, but this time, something felt different. 


She let me know that she was booked for a performance on the Macys 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on NBC and would be performing live under the fireworks! We talked through her sizes and patterns and she told me to think about if i wanted to do it or not. 20 minutes after we hung up the phone, i texted her to say "let's do it!" 

amanda shaw costume designer julie mollo macys 4th of july spectacular fireworks dress denim red sleeves

the performance was so fun, the creation of the dress and the entire process was a blast- it was my first dress back in 5 years, and who knows what the future holds! You can see the entire process of my dress deadline HERE on instagram! enjoy!


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