Katy Perry!

Julie's career started in August 2008 after cold emailing Katy Perry's manager via MySpace! He forwarded her email and Julie received a reply from her stylist, Johnny Wujek, within a half hour! After corresponding with Katy the following day, the two met in a trailer behind a Six Flags where Katy had just performed! During that meeting Julie showed Katy her ideas for what would go on to be some of Katy's most iconic looks! Remember these?

katy perry peeling sparkly banana romper with yellow gloves made by Julie Mollo performing at the MTV VMAs Video Music Awards Music Television 


katy perry watermelon romper strawberry playsuit dress performing live on the today show in NYC fruit costume made by Julie Mollo katy perry pop star performs on jay Leno tonight show wearing a strawberry sequin party dress by Julie Mollo 
katy Perry performing live wearing acid washed leotard dress with tutu and zipper straps by Julie Mollo katy Perry performing live wearing a martini dress by Julie Mollo with a sparkly olive katy perry performs live wearing a sunglass sunset party dress by Julie Mollo sunglasses on her dress at the vans warped tour
katy Perry performing live playing guitar wearing a pink sparkly lips romper playsuit by Julie Mollo katy perry shopping in nyc wearing an acid washed denim jumpsuit by julie mollo denim romper acid washed playsuit heavy metal zipper katy perry performs at the vans warped tour in a pinup sailboat romper playsuit by Julie Mollo
katy perry and julie mollo backstage at the today show wearing party dress and watermelon romper by julie mollo