Cash Keychain Clutch!


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Cash Keychain Clutch!
Cash Keychain Clutch!

Green Glitter Dollar Sign!

$ Money Keychain Card Clutch! $

You're digging through the depths of your bag, your hands fluttering through crumpled dollar bills and loose change as the cashier, and the line behind you, waits patiently as you attempt to find your credit card. As you're rummaging, you think- i should have bought that cute green glitter money wallet card clutch! This green glitter vinyl wallet with green glitter applique and brass zipper is handmade in brooklyn!  fun fact: This is my wallet! I fill it with cash, cards, coins and receipts! 

  • 3x5" with 5" XOXO brass zipper
  • Glitter infused vinyl is easy to sanitize and disinfect
  • Designed & handmade in Brooklyn, NY!

  • Cash Keychain Clutch!
    Cash Keychain Clutch!