Megan Nicole!

Musician, Actress & YouTube Megan Nicole & Julie Mollo began working together in 2014! So many of the super fun dresses that Megan both performed and appeared in on and off the red carpet and stage went on to inspire the clutches that Julie Mollo became known for! 
Megan Nicole in a slime green sequin two piece pinup look by Julie Mollo at the nickelodeon kids choice awardsMegan Nicole at the Grammys in a purple shiny party dress by Julie Mollo iridescent red carpetMegan Nicole silver metallic sparkly tiered party dress with bow on the red carpet at the American music awards by Julie Mollo Megan Nicole sequin party dress by designer Julie Mollo with a bow at the American music awards
Megan Nicole lipstick mini dress by Julie Mollo glitter vinyl sparkle shape makeup beauty conMegan Nicole beauty con in a glitter vinyl lipstick dress by Julie Mollo red tutu red lipstick sparkle vinylMegan Nicole ice cream party dress by Julie Mollo glitter vinyl shape, sparkle ice cream cones backstageMegan Nicole slime dress glitter vinyl party dress by Julie Mollo clear vinyl slime green glitter nickelodeon
Megan Nicole Disney dress by julie Mollo Mickey Mouse silhouette glitter sparkle Mickey Mouse radio Disney music awards party dressMegan Nicole glitter vinyl sequin retro music note dress by Julie Mollo 1960s swing dress black and white sequins and glitterMegan Nicole tuxedo dress by Julie Mollo black and white party dress RDMAs radio Disney music awards Los AngelesMegan Nicole radio disney music awards Julie Mollo black sheer sparkle dress glitter party dress
Megan Nicole unicorn two piece set glitter unicorn appliqué retro 1950s party dress set by Julie MolloMegan Nicole penguin party dress by Julie Mollo funny quirky party dress animal loverMegan Nicole leopard print dress with cat appliqués all over by Julie Mollo cat lady sparkle dress Megan Nicole emoji party dress glitter sparkle heart eyes emoji by Julie Mollo super sparkly glitter vinyl Sirius xm red carpet  
Megan Nicole pizza dress by Julie Mollo red 1960s swing dress with glitter pizza appliqués sparkly food dress funny dress on stage singing Megan Nicole glitter vinyl flamingo party dress by Julie Mollo flamingo appliqués  
Megan Nicole cloud applique set cloud skirt and cloud top glitter vinyl cloud outfit by Julie Mollo singing and performing live on stageMegan Nicole performing and playing guitar with a cute blue dress by Julie Mollo with flamingos, a sun, palm trees made of sequins and glitterMegan Nicole pink feather fembot dress by Julie Mollo on stage in concert pink satin swing dress with pink feathers at the bottom
Megan Nicole fish dress by Julie Mollo glitter vinyl party dress with kissing glitter fish party dress