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What's In My Bag? Winter Edition!

Keeping this fun tradition alive, it's my birthday (!!!!) and i decided to take you INTO my bag! Rain or shine, this Checkerboard Small Business Bag is perfect for any occasion, and matches my outfits perfectly! This mighty bag holds and keeps all my items organized, especially since its now winter time, and I need to carry a few additional items.
Wallets can sometimes be bulky, these days when on the go, I like to keep things simple and light. My Money Keychain Clutch is the perfect size and I am still able to hold all my business cards, credit cards, change, and birth control!
My custom xoxo Midi Clutch, stores my hand sanitizer, extra disposable masks, hand cream as it is so important to hydrate those palms, after all, that washing! The usual items... chapstick, nail filer, hair ties, clips, bobby pins, and of course my compact gold Minnie Mouse mirror! I am in LOVE with the Sparti Scents solid perfume, always a must in my bag!
Even if I have not worn it because of masks, the Mac Russian red lipstick can always be found in my bag, as it really helps me feel like myself! I do on the other hand use Crest white strips, as I can easily brighten and whiten even underneath a mask.
Keeping the good vibes energy in the air and with me, I carry a crystal from Sunday Forever!
What do you currently have in your bag? DM us your response on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our story!
xoxo, Julie!


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