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What's In My Bag: Home Edition!

welcome to our first ever "what's in my bag?" a new series about my favorite things in the whole world, and because these days it feels like i'm only ever in my studio or my home, here are my favorite things that make me cozy at home!


1. Our reusable doodle bag makes carrying anything home a BREEZE. i love stuffing a few in my busy biddie backpack and unpacking them once home from the grocery store or errands! 

2. A scrub daddy! AKA the best selling product in shark tank history! it is so well designed that i bought them for every person in my family for christmas! if you don't know, now you know!

3. Soft strawberry licorice twists from Trader Joes. there is something about soft Australian licorice that is SO addicting! thank me now, hate me later!

4. My always pan - it really is something i ALWAYS use!

5. QR codes. How easy are they?! and what a comeback they had this past year! theyre everywhere- scan to see where this one takes you! 

6. Slides. i keep slides at the studio and at my home - you can't beat that arch support!

enjoy! xoxo, julie!


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