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Whats In My Bag: Fall Edition!

I love walking around with my clutches organized within a larger bag, specifically my worldwide bag- whats inside of each right now? let's find out!

Peach Mini Clutch: This is the mini clutch that i think of when i think of "mini clutches" the perfectly peach emoji pouch is perfect for holding: an extra mask, sanitizer, a compact, bobby pins, chapstick

Money Keychain Clutch: My wallet! i carry a lot in this- cash, coins, cards, reward cards, business cards, and so much more. this style fits more than you'd think.

Keychain Strap: i keep 3 sets of keys on me at all times- my apartment, my studio, and my boyfriend's apartment. this keychain strap holds all 3 rings easily and i love that i can keep the entire strap right around my wrist!

The Blood Bag: i like to swap out my classic clutches to keep the essentials in there- wallet, keys, lipstick, mask, airpods, etc.

White Worldwide Bag: the motherload. IMHO, this is the best crossbody bag ever. i rotate between the black and the white, but because i wear a lot of black, i love the way the white bag pops on my outfits! all of the above fits perfectly inside my bag and on my back, keeping me hands-free.

how do you carry my clutches? i'd love to know!

xoxo, julie!


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