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the watermelon clutch, 13 years in the making!

Watermelon Sugar High

so, if you found yourself reading this, you're probably aware that i am responsible for many of the fruity costumes that Katy Perry wore during her breakout pop star years. I designed and created for her a watermelon costume that was worn on August 29th, 2008 on the today show, which was then immortalized in The SIMS 3 Katy Perry expansion pack!

Inspired by all of that, i would like to introduce, The Watermelon clutch 2.0! This vibrant and beautiful clutch is THE BAG for summer! With vibrant colors and Including our new glitter vinyl in the color eggplant, the sparkle factor on this clutch is off the chain! this clutch is sure to wow all those you come across!

I was not joking when I said this re-launch was going to be one for the books!
I hope you love it as much as I do!
xoxo, Julie!


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