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The Entire Line As You Know It Is Changing!!!

We are redesigning and relaunching our entire line of glitter vinyl clutches and accessories with a brand new type of vinyl from a brand new supplier right here in the US of A! We are SO excited about the changes going on around here and so excited to share with you some redesigned accessories to make your life even more fun!

On Friday, I hosted a live instagram Q&A so that you could be aware of every style of the line that is leaving- and take advantage of that- and you can watch that HERE!  some highlights from the IGTV about the new line are as follows:

We are eliminating the mini clutch (5x5.5") and tote bag styles completely from the line! Confetti clutches will only be available as stock styles on clear vinyl and in addition the following shapes will no longer be moving forward: 

Many shapes in the line will be moving to a different sized bag, changing color combos or combined with other shapes to have more of a collaged theme on a clutch, rather than just a single shape on the front. If there is anything you have been eyeing, snatch it now, because it might not be available soon!  We are making big, exciting, colorful changes around here and I cannot wait to show you everything! The new colors are so vibrant, so colorful, so super shiny, and so much more luxe and durable! I can not wait to bring this line into your summer and into your life!

Stay tuned, the new line launches on June 21st! YAY!

xoxo, julie!


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