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The Golden Ticket X The Narrow Piano Clutch!

So excited to announce our 4th ever golden ticket clutch winner and the design that came out of it, our brand new narrow piano clutch! this super sweet narrow clutch comes to us by way of Alysha in Rhode Island and i am so happy with how it came out! here's a cute little interview with Alysha (she's the one holding our self portrait clutch!) !  

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Name: Alysha Melkoun

Location: Rhode Island

how did it feel to find the golden ticket: I was so insanely excited!! I couldn’t believe I was chosen and I was so excited to get to work with [Julie]!
why did you choose the charity that you did: I am a music teacher currently in Massachusetts and have been a music student my whole life! Charities like this help get instruments and music in students hands and to me that is super important!
why did you and julie choose and collaborate on the design that you did- what was the process like: I gave her a general idea of what I wanted and she ran with it! It was so cool to bounce ideas off of her and get to the design we have now! Would love to do it again sometime!
Julie's note: though our supply chain has prevented us from currently receiving our white vinyl for this style clutch and it is now sold out- it will be available here SOON!!!
feeling lucky? your next chance to win the golden ticket will be during BFCM weekend- keep your eyes peeled 11/26-29


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