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The Busy Biddie Backpack!

The Custom, Color-Blocked

Busy Biddie Backpack!

According to urban dictionary, a biddie is a "chick, babe or female" and we like to think of this busy biddie backpack as the chicest, most colorful way to be hands free while you're living your busy biddie life! Choose your vinyl backpack color and your vinyl pocket color and we'll handle the rest!

customize your own busy biddie backpack HERE!

Miss having an applique on your bag? Our classic nylon straps are printed with our classic clutch shapes! Clip a keychain, and a keychain clutch onto our zipper for ultimate chicness while you're running around!

This backpack is cute enough to hold by the handles in your hand, pull up onto your arm like a fancy babe, or sling across your back and live your hands-free life! 

Want to see me wear this everywhere? Click Here!


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