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Supply Chain Issues!

As with all companies, we are being affected heavily by supply chain issues and though so much of what we do is based in the united stated, our vinyl originates outside of the states and is being held up intensely in the shipping ports of California. As of right now, our bobby pin black and platinum silver vinyl is out of stock in classic and midi sizes. We have VERY limited supply of it, and right now only have a select number of our pre-cut vinyl available in keychain clutches. we are not able to customize anything in classic, oversized and midi size in those colors until these colors come back in. we are in touch with our suppliers daily and hope to be able to give you a solid answer of when we are expecting everything ASAP!

In the meantime- we have drop down menus for all of our sold out styles that offer them in any other color that we offer that isn't black or white. you can feel free to order, for example, the bubbly bag, on slime green vinyl! go crazy! have fun! and as always- let me know if you have any questions at all at! 

Thank you so much for your patience- running a small business is no joke and we appreciate your support all year round and all of the time, but especially in these times and during this season! thank you! 


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