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Staying True to Your New Year Goals!

Now that we're entering the second month of 2021 (omg!) Staying true to your New Year goals can be a difficult. Trust me, I, too, have been guilty of this. There were plenty of times where I felt lost as a business owner, but finding my rhythm of daily routines definitely helped. The last 10 + years have been all about self-growth, reflecting, and learning to become the best individual I can be.
Here are some of my favorite tips:
Using clutches is another efficient way for me to stay organized. Theres plenty of drawers in my apartment stacked to the rim with a wide range of clutches. This prevents anything from getting misplaced, and for everything to be neatly put away. For all my New Yorker's out there, you know how valuable storage space is.
Recently on Instagram stories, I did a haul of how I affectively use my glitter vinyl clutches even when traveling. Here are some of my favorites, and how I used them on a a recent getaway-- Being that were gone for only a couple of days, and our car has limited space, I heavily relayed on the use of our travel clutches!
Keeping things light, we both carried our own Toothbrush Clutch! Perfect for keeping our toothbrush, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials organized! Small enough to fit in The Best Travel Bag Ever This bag is a lifesaver for storing feminine products, and other items necessary for being on the go. This is the best clear vinyl travel bag ever! 
What are some of your New Year goals? DM me on Instagram @JulieMollo, for a chance to be featured on our story!
xoxo, Julie!


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