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Mani Me!

i'm known for my signature red nails, which i used to get done at a local salon in Clinton Hill, brooklyn. I would walk in and all of the nail techs would say "big apple red?" because they knew my color was never going to change. it was this way for YEARS. when covid hit the salons closed and i stopped getting my nails done. i hated doing them myself because they would always chip, and once salons started to open again i found myself not going out of caution/safety.
Enter ManiMe.
they were first served to me as an instagram ad- a custom fit gel sticker for your nails that lasts 10+ days- and i was immediately hooked. i took my nail photos and ordered my signature reds (i love their scarlet) and then started ordering prints to add some accent nails (so fun!!!)
when it came time to shoot my latest campaign, i didn't feel comfortable sending my models to the nail salon, so i reached out to ManiMe. they were incredibly generous in gifting us the cutest mani stickers ever to match our super colorful new line of glitter clutches. it's all in the details, baby, and i love the way they came out! my models were obsessed with the ease of sticking, filing and flaunting!
As i type this i have 7 scarlets and 3 strawberry nails from my latest order and can't wait to see what they do next! woo hoo! 
xoxo, julie!


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