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I have always been inspired by love. hearts and arrows are central to my brand. I was always the single person in my friend group and always wanted to find love. I met my guy in fall 2019, while laying on my couch browsing hinge (thanks, hinge), a couple months before the world shut down and on 12/30/23 at approximately 7am, we got engaged in our apartment in Clinton Hill! 

My favorite collaborator, Anthony, and I closed out 2023 by getting ENGAGED! Anthony and I have collaborated on tons of videos together for the brand (remember infomercials 1 & infomercial 2, ‘he went to julie’ and the  JM homepage brand video?!) so it was only fitting that our announcement to all of our people (and my mollowers) on instagram was another collaboration. It is the cutest thing i have ever had the pleasure of producing! You can watch it here!

As for my own personal clutch on my wedding day…i still have a little while to think about it, but i think I’m going to have a black and white Gwen clutch with the letters MRS. My own punk rock Mrs Clutch! I’m so excited to marry my beb, and yes, I’m making my dress! <3

Julie mollo Anthony Verderame engaged to be married fashion designer video editor New York City

Do you have a shower or wedding coming up? Our Mrs Clutch has been our best seller for over 6 years! Our drink stirrers are your favorite thing to gift and our Bridal Bundle!  Is a literal perfect engagement or shower gift! 

I’ll be documenting our casual NYC wedding journey on instagram and i hope you’ll enjoy tagging along! 

xoxo, julie!

PS. Willie Geist announced our engagement on Sunday Today! Check it out here!



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