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i like big bags and i cannot lie

I may be a clutch queen, but i also love a big bag! customizable worldwide and tote bags are now available in black and white! The worldwide bag has a double locking xoxo zipper and comes with a detachable, adjustable cross body strap (you were begging for it!) and can be worn 4 different ways (maybe more?!)! This style is great for carrying your laptop or ipad and getting to WERK. 

Aside from carrying it around the city, i love to bring my tote to the beach and fill it up with clutches to keep everything organized, because I know we all hate a tote thats a deep dark pit of old gum wrappers and bobby pins!

I've been listening to all of you over the years and I'm so excited to begin offering you all bags with thick woven 1" straps, printed with my classic shapes on them. i hope you love wearing my product on your shoulder and back as much as you do holding them in your hand! YAY!


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