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Have one of my glittery clutches... or a few?

Julie, here, to step in as your personal stylist for the day!

I LOVE a distressed, black skinny jean paired with my White Confetti Clutch! The colorful and party-ready clutch pops against the edgy pants . . . a combo I'm obsessed with! 


I also love throwing on a cute button-up shirt (knotting it in the front), pleated maxi-skirt, a cheetah-print cardigan around my waist... and for the final touch my adorbale Hot Lips Clutch! This is THE perfect outfit for a summer day or night! *Note: Wear your favorite sneakers with this outfit for a tomboyish vibe to your look (like I did), or go with some cute heels or sandals for a more girly and dressy style!

Clearly, I love black and jean blue... so here's another outfit option for my girls who prefer skinny jeans and a jean jacket over a skirt any day! My Mermaid Clutch or Palm Tree Clutch pop against the neutral tones and give the outfit more liveliness and color! YAY!

Rainbow on rainbow!!! Sometimes, you just want to have fun, dress fun, and be fun... so for those days, grab a colorful dress, your favorite shades,
and the Rainbow Clutch!
I call this look "Taking My Best Friend for a Walk While Still Looking Cute"... (; Even if it's just going for a quick stroll outside, here are some tips and tricks to be effortlessly put together!
1) Instead of putting on a t-shirt, opt for something with a collar on it!
2) Throw on some jewelry... it takes 5 second to grab a bracelet or necklace, and it makes all the difference (:
3) Grab your favorite clutch and add some "bright" to your outfit!
One of my go-to looks: a chic leather jacket, jeans, heels, and one of my cocktail clutches (Red Wine Clutch pictured above)! This look says "don't mess with me" but I'm still fun and flirty! Love it!
Need a outfit for the end of summer? I've got you! Find your favorite LBD (little black dress) and throw on a patterned or textured jacket that, preferably, only comes down to meet your waist, and thrown on a pair of comfortable black heels. Then accessorize and complete your look with the Cat-eye Glasses Clutch--adding the perfect pop of red!!!
Questions on how to style your specific clutch? Reach out to me on Twitter (@fashionosaurus), Instagram, or Facebook (@juliemollo).

Post a photo of your clutch and adorable outfit, then tag @juliemollo with the #clutchedbysummer


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