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Vacation? Business trip? Visiting Family?
Whatever the reason, you never want to forget your in-flight essentials.
Here are my go-to products and items that I make sure to throw in my
Transparent Flying Airplane Bag
1. Earbuds/Headphones are a MUST for me when going on a flight... one, they are much more comfortable than the free sets handed out, and two, listening to your favorite playlist, album, or artist, makes the time go by quicker!
2. SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS! You could probably sense my enthusiasm with this one, but it really does make any flight more enjoyable when you have your favorite snacks with you! I also bring along a protein bar, just in case!
3. A travel sized perfume bottle... because it makes the flight more pleasant when the dry airplane air smells fresh and fruity--and not like a cardboard box... or someone next to you who seems to have boycotted showers for a week.
4. A face mask to keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh for when I land!
5. Sanitizing hand wipes for any spills, leaks, or dirty surfaces! You never know when you're going to need one on the plane, so it's best to have some with you--kill those germs!
6. Fluffy socks because sometimes the inside of a plane can feel like the inside of a freezer, and no one wants to be shivering on a 13 hour flight!
More importantly, they make you feel cozy and comfortable, and who doesn't want that!? (:
7. Gum to chew as the plane is descending to help prevent your ears from plugging. This is a cool trick that has now become one of my flight rituals, try it out and let me know if it helps you!
8. Land lotion always follows me onto a flight because it is not fun when your skin feels like the desert!
9. A book to read and pass the time! It's such a strange thing, but I like to bring an easy-read that I have already started; it always makes the reading much more relaxing--and that's exactly what I need on a flight after the crazy an hectic airport security!
10. Red lipstick because it goes everywhere with me! It's me until I have my red lipstick on (;
safe travels!!! xoxo,


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