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First date or not, date night is always exciting and the perfect occasion to
show off your personality-packed clutch! 
If you're going out to a romantic restaurant or bar, grab the classy Champagne Clutch; and if it's a casual date, go with the edgier Signature Makeup Clutch!
To make sure that date night has zero slip-ups or moments you wish you could
re-do, this is my smart but brief list of essential date night bring-alongs!
1. Your phone & wallet... I doubt anyone would forget these, but just in case you get caught up in getting ready and run out of the house, here's a little reminder(;
*but remember to stay off of your little device and give full attention to your date!
2. Makeup: We end up wanting to bring along our entire makeup drawer, but girls, choose 2 or 3! Eyeliner and lipstick, blush and setting powder, or mascara, concealer, and brow gel--your must-have makeup products are the
only ones to put in your clutch!
3. Gum because it's always the safe and smart choice. You don't want your date focused on your bad breath after dinner instead of on you!
4. Perfume! It has the ability to not only leave a unique impression in your date's mind, pleasing scents like perfumes have also been proven to help relax nerves! 
5. Feminine hygiene products because if it's that time of the month but you just forgot, you never want to be surprised AND unprepared on a date! So girls, let's spare ourselves the embarrassment and heart attack!


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