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Golden Ticket Winner: REVEALED!


Name: Valarie Franklin

Location: Davison, Michigan (near Flint, Michigan)

How did it feel to find the Golden Ticket?  Finding the Golden Ticket was SO exciting!  I actually filmed myself opening my package because Julie was offering extra points to people who shared their unboxing.   When I saw it there, I was speechless.  I couldn’t believe I’d actually won.  I later found out that I won because I was the first order placed when the Black Friday sale went live.  I had my cart ready and alarms set to make sure I got it in. 

Why did you choose the charity that you did: Golden retrievers are my absolute favorite breed.   My first service dog was a golden named Sunny and my second service dog was a golden named Ryver, who was my soul dog.  I’m going to bring home a golden named Skye in March.  I’ve been supporting this golden retriever rescue in the Pacific Northwest for a few years now.  Golden Bond Rescue rescues golden retrievers and golden retriever mixes from the US and all over the world to help them find forever homes.  It’s amazing how resilient these dogs are.  I wouldn’t be here without my goldens and I want to pay it forward.  A Golden Ticket for golden retrievers! @goldenbondrescue 

Why did you and Julie choose and collaborate on the design that you did – what was the process like: I had been thinking of what I would do with a Golden Ticket for a while, never expecting to actually get one.  I had tried to think of a dog-themed clutch but the balloon dog is just so great, I didn’t think I could top it.  I am very passionate about dogs but I’m also a pharmacist, so medications are always on my mind.   Dogs are basically medicine though, they’re great for our bodies and souls, and since I’m a pharmacist I thought – PILLS!  Specifically capsules, since you can do two colors.  It was Julie’s idea to put them on a clear sleepover bag.  Her first mock-up was exactly what I envisioned.  Colorful capsules also seem very on brand and trendy so I hope they sell well!  

click here to purchase the happy pills sleepover bag!

golden ticket winner with her clutch collection, custom glitter clutches


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