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Holidays in Mexico have extreme importance to Mexican culture. Celebrating is a way to honor the past and preserve history. While Cinco De Mayo is only observed in parts of Mexico today, it is loved by a melting pot of cultures across the United States. They take joy in a day by participating in the rich culture and history of such a unique group of people!
For our Julie Mollo x Friendlily Press piñata collaboration, we aimed to celebrate the heritage and style of Mexican culture as authentically as possible, thanks to the help of our Mexican cultural advisor. We were also honored to have a beautiful model on set who flew over from Cuernavaca, Mexico!
We hope this project brings light to this unique culture and brings support to families and children at our borders. That's why 5% of each purchase from our Piñata Collection will benefit 'Save The Children,' which works to provide assistance, aid, and asylum to children and families from Central and South America. 
We are so excited about about this collaboration and are so excited for you to get your hands all over it! Get your favorite pieces from this limited edition collection HERE while supplies last!
xoxo, Julie & Ashley
and the entire Julie Mollo & Friendlily Press Teams!
For more information, visit 'Save The Children'
And to learn more about the fantastic history of Cinco De Mayo, click here!


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