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Customer Spotlight: Madeleine!

I asked some of my top customers how they use their clutches and I've been loving how they're used! My first customer spotlight is Madeleine, they have a huge collection of clutches and use them in the best ways!

Do you use your clutches every day? If so, how?
I use my custom glitter fairy clutch practically everyday as a bag to hold my essentials inside my backpack so that on my lunch break, or if I have dinner plans after work I can just take that and leave my backpack in my office.  I also do this with my Femme Boss clutch!! 
What do you keep in your clutches?
I use my mini clutches for weed (though ironically I always use my egg one instead of a weed leaf one), jewelry when traveling, sometimes as a mini makeup and jewelry bag for a specific outfit when carrying a costume change around with me, or for altar items as I bring a traveling altar with me wherever I go.
What is your favorite clutch style?
As you will see in pictures below, my love letter clutch was my goto bag all the way through Paris and served me extremely well.  I also had some lovely conversations about my french name because of it!! I just ordered a crystal keychain clutch  (one for a friend and one for me) and I am gonna gift her one with a crystal inside!! 


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