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💖super sparkly glitter clutches! 💖 lifestyle accessories! 💖 best gifts ever! 💖 customize your own! 💖 have fun!
💖super sparkly glitter clutches! 💖 lifestyle accessories! 💖 best gifts ever! 💖 customize your own! 💖 have fun!
💖super sparkly glitter clutches! 💖 lifestyle accessories! 💖 best gifts ever! 💖 customize your own! 💖 have fun!

2018 CCALS Charity Campaign!

It’s been one year since my first CCALS charity clutch campaign, and one year since I publicly told you all that my father had been diagnosed with ALS. The outpouring of support since last June has been unbelievable, and I appreciate you all so much for the love that you have all shown me and my family this past year.  A lot can change in a year. For those of you who know me and my family personally, you know that this year has been a struggle to say the least. My father’s disease has progressed in a way that i could not imagine. I couldn’t picture my dad looking the way that “ALS patients” look, even though he had already had the disease in him for about a year before he was even diagnosed. I couldn’t see him for less than he was, a super social jock that was always out and about, on the phone, with friends, at the movies or on the golf course. One year ago, ALS had taken away his ability to speak and it was beginning to take away his ability to eat. This year it has taken away his ability to do almost everything: drive, swallow, eat, pick his head up and breathe on his own. Dad has lost 100lbs since his diagnosis, opted for a feeding tube back in September and a tracheotomy on May 1 - he now breathes through a ventilator and requires constant care. As of June 1 he is able to walk a couple feet with the help of two people, and communicates by scribbling on a board, though his hands are weakening rapidly. 

dad & i/ sumer 2017/ cape cod

CCALS has been incredible in the past year, helping my family with physical and emotional resources, tools and equipment used by my dad both inside and outside of our home. You couldn’t picture the things you might need help with until you can’t do them anymore. Special wheelchairs, home chairs, braces, lifts, rails, feeding formulas, rides to doctor appts in wheelchair accessible vehicles, and anything you can and can’t even imagine. They have been such an amazing organization to work with, and such a blessing during this truly nightmarish time in our lives.

So, while I feel completely helpless most days, I’ve been focused on one of the only things I can control, my career. Yes, I have had a stellar career year, but only because it’s the only thing i’ve really put my energy into. So, today, i bring you my newest clutch style, the hypocycloid clutch. What’s that? It may just looks like gold sparkles on a black clutch, but if you know anything about J Mollo, you know he loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. I wasn’t going to make a Steelers specific clutch (because I know it would be sacrilegious for all of you Massholes to keep in your house) but this clutch is black and gold to represent his team and it also has the steelers symbols, hypocycloids (fun fact: hypocycloids are what results from the negative space when you push 4 circles together- dad loves teaching people that). Really though, this is a great, basic sparkle clutch to have in your wardrobe and take out on the town. This clutch is a fabulous addition to any clutch collection and all proceeds of this style will go towards Compassionate Care ALS, the angels based in my home state of Massachusetts.



Thank you all so much in advance for your support of this incredible organization. This clutch will be available through June and 100% of proceeds will be donated at the month’s end.


xoxo, julie


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