Custom Sleepover Bag!

Custom Sleepover Bag!

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You've been asking for them and here they are! Custom sleepover bags! 


Mini Clutch customizations can not as complex as regular sized clutches. Julie can fit one initial per side. Simple Custom Shapes can be done, and if you wanted a mini clutch that Julie already offers, but in a different colorway, that is possible (ie: monstera leaf in black on a white clutch). By default, and if not specified, names are written in script but are also available in block.

1. choose what type of customization you are getting. a shape or a name? one sided or two sided? a name on one side and a shape on the other? is it a stock shape that already or is it a shape you made up? (EXAMPLE: "Lisa" on one side and a Mermaid on the other would be chosen as a One sided Name/Initial and a stock shape)

2. add this to your cart and make sure to write out in the "order notes" which colors you would like your bag background, shapes and names in. all color options are listed below. (ie: white bag with gold scripted word: "Lisa" on one side and a Mermaid on the other). If it is not a shape that i stock, please specify what colors you would like your shape in. 

3. if you are getting multiple clutches, please specify which colors and clutches correspond with each in the "order notes" section of checkout.

4. Anything you are not sure about, or do not see an option for, email me. if you have any questions about anything email before checking out. 

GLITTER VINYL CLUTCH BACKGROUNDS are available in: black, white, gold, navy, light blue, red, green, gunmetal & clear

GLITTER CANVAS SHAPES & NAMES are available in: white, black, red, pink, blue, dark pink, orange, yellow, purple, lime green, dark green, silver & gold. 

Designed & handmade in Brooklyn, NY! 11x5.5" Please allow up to 3 weeks for custom orders to ship, unless otherwise specified in correspondence with Julie. Larger orders may require more time. if ordering a custom shape and looking for something very specific, please email a photo of the shape to Julie before checking out.