The Julie Mollo Show!



It takes a lot of work to make it look like it was no work at all…

The Julie Mollo Show is a labor of love between myself &  Katrina Eugenia

Starring: Julie Mollo!
Directed & Produced by: Katrina Eugenia!
Edited by: Ted Hesse!

I have been involved with the television industry in the past, having filmed a pilot of a show made for MTV that never got picked up. So, after keeping in touch with loads of casting directors and producers, and having them follow my career over the past few years, many of them spoke to me about what a hit my own show would be. Back in February of 2012, Katrina and I decided that this was something we had to take into our own hands, so we set off to make a pilot of what my show would be about. It would be about more than just fashion. It would be about me, how i live my NYC life and how i could help people live a more fun, productive existence, and it would be based off of my blog. We are currently pitching our pilot to various production companies and have some very interested people! enjoy!

xoxo, julie!