Merchandising Guidelines!

Merchandising Guidelines

For Sparkly Success!

  • Clutches tend to sell best when surrounded by their friends! Putting multiple styles together really allows them to shine and allows customers to see multiple options and to think of more people in their life to shop for!
  • Clutches sell best when they are VIEWED. Standing up is always best, or at least displayed at a tilt. Placing clutches flat does not allow our customers to see them! We hang ours by a tag on a peg board!
  • Clear acrylic stands are your friends! These are our favorites! (1, 2, 3, 4)!
  • Hanging wrist straps on a T stand are a great way to show the colors and push the fact that "all clutches can be made hands free with the addition of a wrist straps! Kust clip through the o in the super cute xoxo zipper pull!" 
  • Lighting is important! Our super sparkly clutches sell even better when well lit! 
  • No visible folding tables! Please cover them completely (including legs) if being used to merchandise in any environment!
  • A cohesive display is important! Please make sure that they are positioned with items in their pricing group!

Happy selling! Thank you for spreading our sparkle far and wide!