Tune In to These Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure!

Did you guys hear my latest feature on the FemmeTrepreneur podcast or the Hello Dolly podcast?! They’re some of my fave interviews ever.

Click here to listen to me discuss the glittery journey from Massachusetts to New York, from iconic outfits to iconic clutches, from fashion designer to business woman!!

I tell Dolly all about the journey to fulfill my dreams all started with a love of design and some stand out shapes that made their way from clothing to accessories. 

Listen  to my FemmeTrepreneur feature where I talk about my passion for creative arts and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship!

Even with all of the success that came with being Katy Perry's stage-wear designer, the road to success wasn't always easy. That's when I accidentally stumbled upon the best decision of my life - clutches!


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Go Solo!

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