The best clutches to keep your makeup collection organized for all the up and coming makeup artists out there!!! These clutches are perfect for bringing your makeup on the go whenever you need a touch up!
sparkly cat clutch
The Gold Glitter Cat Lady Clutch is the purrrrfect storage bag for your fave beauty products! If your go-to eyeliner look is a cat eye, make sure to grab this clutch.
Store your entire lipstick collection in the Hot Lips Clutch!! This clutch can hold all your favorite lipsticks, lip glosses, lip scrubs, and MORE!!!
The Transparent Lipstick Clutch is the perfect, classy makeup bag. If you need to find your favorite eyeshadow with ease, this is the clutch for you!! You can see all the makeup inside without ever having to open and dig through it. 
The Makeup Face Clutch!!! Do I even need to explain this one???
The Sparkly Cocktail Clutch! This is the perfect makeup clutch for any party girl. If you're getting ready for a night out, what better way to get into the mood than to have your makeup collection in this clutch?!!!
xoxo, julie!

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