so excited to share with you guys the launch of my shapeways store! Charms have always been something i've wanted to expand into but never knew how to branch into it in a cost-effective manner. my girl Kasia over at Collected Edition always encouraged me to dive into 3D printing and a couple months ago taught me the basics on how to do it. I based my charms off of my best selling clutch styles and added a couple of awesome name plates for necklaces. when you shop on shapeways, you are only buying the 3D printed piece, and not the chain that it might be worn on, so you are not purchasing a full necklace, but a piece to be worn on a necklace/bracelet/etc. these charms are meant to be stacked and layered and collected and so so fun. check it out! 

also, you've probably already guessed it, but 3D printed and adorable zipper charms coming to this website soon :)

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