Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham was one of those guys that everyone who was into fashion in NYC loved and had a story about. the first time I ever saw Bill was the summer of 2014, walking up 5th avenue with Katrina, in the middle of one of our NYC fashion//friend shoots all dressed up in my first #retroversible collection. as we were crossing the street, i noticed a camera pointed at us. when we approached, i saw his blue jacket and when he pulled the camera away from his face i shrieked, "youre bill cunningham!" while grabbing his arm. it was instinct. he laughed and said "you girls look fantastic!" i was beside myself. i posted on facebook, i texted friends. i was so excited. Katrina ended up in the Sunday Times a couple weeks later for his floral collage. A few days later, i attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party, where Bill photographed a group of people that i was a part of. what luck. twice in a week. 
it was a year later, in the summer of 2015, when i was headed to freelance in midtown, it was about 7am and i was standing on 40th street and broadway. times square was very quiet and the city was just waking up. Bill rode his bike past me and i just said, "good morning, Bill" as he smiled and said hello. it put me in such a good mood all day. what a sweet legend of a man. his documentary is one of my favorites ever.
what a guy. street style, and NYC,  will never be the same without him.

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